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Game-Changing Resources
for the Enterprise
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A day in the life of the average wireless industry professional likely resembles this:

Dagger Guild

Our Story

Who is Dagger Guild?

Dagger Guild (DG) is the outgrowth of three previous ventures: The Michael Group, Experica, and Zion Consortium, all of which were founded and led by Larry Treas.  Larry has over 35 years of consulting experience in telecommunications. He has negotiated all kinds of technology contracts successfully, created internal audit tools for different services and provided valuation and sale of hundreds of acres of land and a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP). Others want you to think telecommunications consulting is highly specialized, but anyone can do this with the right knowledge. Our goal at DG is to transfer knowledge to enterprise companies like yourself on how to do more on our own if you so desire. This will enable cost reduction on products and services, while also reducing the amount of time necessary to complete tasks requested by your management. Everything is about putting dollars back into the pocket of the enterprise. 

In this context, what is the meaning of “dagger?” 

The dagger has been around for 1,000s of years and it has traditionally been between 6 and 18 inches long but can be longer. The smaller size makes it easy to conceal so that a person can pull it out when protection is needed. It is different from a knife in that it has two blade sides. The dagger has been used to represent skills, authority, sharp intellect and is seen as a symbol of protection.  We at Dagger Guild work to provide access to different forms of knowledge for you to increase your or your employees’ skills, authority, and knowledge. The result is employees being able to provide key information to management at a moment’s notice using the unique approaches described here that will enable you to make sound decisions quickly, without needing to look back. Everything that Dagger Guild does is about helping the enterprise be more successful in less time.  

What is the meaning of “guild?”

Around 500 years ago, learning took place differently that it does today. A person wanting to learn a trade would be an understudy of an expert or master craftsman. This person would learn by watching, doing, imitating, and working.  Dagger Guild uses Guild Masters (master craftsmen) to guide, lead, direct, mentor those less knowledgeable that are a part of the guild. Each person’s success is our goal.



Collaboration, Mentoring & Coaching

We talk to a lot of wireless professionals, and they all seem to be asking the same questions. Have you been asking for:

  • How can I get independent, unbiased resources and information?
  • What are the best tools in the industry?
  • How do I find billing issues?
  • What are my peers doing?
  • How can I hold my carriers and vendors accountable to do what’s right?
  • The industry is changing. How do I find my place?

This is the power of the DAGGER GUILD



Solution: Traffic levels maintained via existing equipment after in depth review of overall system capabilities. Equipment purchase negated and postponed for nearly 2 years.

Hero Created: CIO for utilizing current equipment to avoid massive equipment purchase. Expenses not incurred while cash flow improved.

Solution: Massive multiple file merge into one single file allowing an organized ‘rerate’ as per contract of each call. The inability to view the amount of data allowed a 3 million dollar error to be overlooked. The end result was disclosing that billing did not match contractual obligations.

Hero Created: CFO by discovering millions in funds.

Solution: Upon review, it was determined that carrier was ’rounding calls’ in opposition of the stated tariffs. This resulted in an increase of call cost with some calls by 60%. Through a detailed step by step reconstruction of their billing, the carrier process was determined to be wrong and therefore, billing overstated by $250,000.

Hero Created: Telecom Manager by the return of funds invoiced improperly.

Solution: Through billing audits, renegotiated contracts and optimization techniques employed, it was determined that for every 20 cents of our service cost, 1 dollar was returned or a 5 to 1 ratio.

Hero Created: Telecom Manager who engaged the review.

Solution: Appropriate reports requested and reviewed were input into a proprietary system we developed for just this type of telecom forensics. It was determined that calls designated as no charge and free were being invoiced improperly resulting in an $180,000 recapture.

Hero Created: Mobility Manager and team for proactive thought and symptomatic problem discovery.

Solution: After an in depth review of existing cellular coverage, it was determined that a ‘DAS- Distributed Antenna System’ was required. The ROI was less than 5 months and the no reception, as well as dropping of calls, completely negated.

Hero Created: Special Projects Head of entity for problem solving and hugely efficient answer.

Too many inefficient and costly games are played in today’s telecom industry.



In the Wireless Game, it is not about Nobility—It is about Mobility.

“Woe to you who engage in a game that cannot be won.” ‘Tis true – the game of which I speak is the Game of Phones where thy doom awaits! (Ok, ok, maybe overlook the campy puns, but don’t miss the message.) You cannot win playing Game of Phones without a clear advantage. Dagger Guild is just that!

In reality, the following situations do indeed exist in your mobile & mobility world TODAY! The struggle is real and it’s the furthest thing from fantasy!

  • Dragons: The ‘Drag-On’ your company/cost and efficiency is real.
  • Ravens: You want superiors to ‘Rave-On’ you and your ability to predict the future. Management now knows of your ability to possess the answers even before they ask the question.
  • Armies: Armies of problems await those who do not adapt to the changing mobility environment. Every week there’s another casualty, and it seems like you will never gain the mastery and truly achieve to peace in the realm.
  • Dwarves: To reduce and even ‘Dwarf’ effort and costs is a top priority and always will be!
  • Kings and Queens: Whether you be a ‘King’ or a ‘Queen’, the goal is to rule over the mobile realm rather than it rule over you.
  • Beheadings: Disregarding the signs can result in one’s head being removed. Clarity and vision come to those who master the right tools. The rewards — the spoils of war — go to the ones who see clearly, act decisively, and strike accurately with the edge of their trusty blade.
  • Giants: There are ‘giant’ titles and lands for those equipped to meet and best the challenge!

A telecom kingdom awaits those bold enough to take it! Stop turning a blind eye, playing the games, and claim your mobility throne!