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It’s not too late to get prepared for 2020.

Click this link to schedule a time with Larry Treas. https://go.oncehub.com/LarryTreas in the notes section of the form, please either indicate your area of interest e.g. Cellular Visibility or Cellular Optimization or Cellular Benchmarking as well as what device range you fit.

Dagger Guild, Answers to All Your Cellular Questions!

Get Full Cellular Visibility

A Dagger Guild expert will identify areas to save money in your current contract and identify opportunities to optimize your plans & features

Make the Best Decisions

A specialized collaborative tool helps the stakeholders in your organization work together to decide on the best cellular services for your company

Effortlessly Maintain your Standards

Personalized training, mentoring, assistance, & reports allow you to maintain your contracts in the simplest way possible

Estimate your Savings

Calculate your potential ROI using Dagger Guild services:

750 Total Devices


3,000 Total Devices


10,000 Total Devices

$156 Million/Year

Dagger Guild knowledge of the industry to make carriers’ billing simple and straightforward, had helped us to see what was really occurring. We ended up getting a substantial credit of money this year which allowed us to open up budget for other projects.

– Kent Ontko, OSLA CFO

Larry Treas, the brains behind Dagger Guild

With 35 years of experience in the telecom industry, Larry accompanies businesses in getting the most of their cellular contracts. Through a combination of tools and techniques, he provides everything a company needs to be able to optimize their contracts and simplify their processes.