Apple + Amazon = Industry Game Changer

Most of you have been made aware that Apple, the maker of the most popular smartphone on this planet, recently struck a new sales arrangement with Amazon, the largest and most profitable sales entity on the planet. On the surface, this feels like a magnificent revenue event for both giants. Although a certain type of Apple consumer products will not be offered for sale under the Amazon banner (like their speakers which competes directly with Amazon’s) this opens up a new sales delivery option for the ‘Apple faithful’.

Why do we bring this up, as Dagger Guild is in the telecom analyst, consulting, advising, teaching and mentoring business? Is there a larger trend to consider? The answer is emphatically, YES!

Jeff Bezos has mastered a delivery organization based largely upon consumer convenience. Why spend any additional time anywhere fighting crowds of any type when:

– You know what product you want


– You can have it on your doorstep within 48 hours 

B R I L L I A N T!!

Apple on the other hand has mastered showing customers what they want before they know they want it. If you visit an Apple or cellular carrier store (particularly during the holidays) you might live to regret it. Unless one of your Apple devices needs mechanical work (broken, malfunctioning, etc.)

Amazon has stopped the need to be ‘on site’ for a new cell purchase in particular. 

Actually, Amazon has an unbelievable concierge model for Apple customers, and the Wall Street bet is that it will be “off the charts” successful. Some of you reading this may say, “then why has the stock taken a hit from this announcement”. One reason is that adjustments have to be made in order to get the true plan off the ground.

But there is a bigger story to all of this…

Dagger Guild believes this move is one of the most strategic of our lives and will cause many changes nationally as well as globally. In fact, it puts these two companies more in the driver seat to bring forth and control wireless solutions. All one has to do is put the pieces of the puzzle together to see this opportunity that they have.

For example, a number of the latest Apple devices have dual SIM and eSIM capabilities. These capabilities will allow solutions to be used that have not been available until now. It will drive sales of the devices as well services for those that can get on board. Of course, this is mainly for Amazon and Apple, and yes, there will be companies that lose on this playing field.

Did you know, these SIM improvements allow for a hardware device to have two numbers?

One could be used for business and one personal or one could be used for when here at home in the US and the other for traveling Internationally. Many times, these international plans can be as much or more than 50% less than what the US carriers are providing. As users purchase more of the international plans, I can see US carries lowering their international rates even more so that they do not lose revenue to countries outside the US. Please keep in mind, we are talking from a US perspective but the same could work with company international locations traveling to the US or to other international locations.

If I were Amazon, I would start to sell international plans that can reside on these kinds of devices. This way they make a piece of everything sold while traveling. This makes perfect sense with our world becoming more globally open to travel and business. I guarantee, I will be informing companies I have worked for to consider these options for reducing their communications cost while traveling. Also, since I have a son-in-law that was at one time stationed internationally, it sure would have been nice to have these capabilities while he and his family traveled to and from the US. No more having to unlock a phone!

Let’s look further into the future, iPhone or iPad devices are gaining ground in the medical world.

We should all be aware that Google’s parent, Alphabet Inc., has companies working in the areas of new types of wireless, healthcare, Artificial Intelligence and….so why not stretch our thinking to the possibility of the 3 most powerful companies coming together to change the world even more? Let’s be real, these companies have lots of money, they have processes down better than 95% of the rest of the world, so why shouldn’t we consider how these three Giants could take on the world. Who knows, time is the only indicator of this.

Dagger Guild offers you the same ‘hands off, we come to you service’ in all that is telecom.

We are here to identify trends, find ways to reduce your time to perform your duties and those cost associated, with how we can all work together to change the world. Our model echoes that of these giants in that we want you to see trends early on so that you can adapt your processes before your competition and onto tomorrow while they are, more than likely, reactive living in yesterday or today.

Tech Titans work with trends and use them to adapt their playbooks and call offensive strategies based upon data——NEVER HEARSAY!! 

Hat’s off to Apple and Amazon for seeing a market void and utilizing their combined strengths to address this need. Hmmm- sounds a lot like Dagger Guild only we won’t show up on your front porch (unless that is where you need us to be). 

That’s The Point!

Larry Treas

Guild Master


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