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My name is Larry Treas and I am CEO and Head of New Thinking at Dagger. I have 35 years of witnessing the madness that blows through companies around the world, and it’s a foul breeze. I created the Dagger Guild to forge peer discussions, mentoring sessions, and specific information pipeline deliverables to address, solve and alleviate the standard issue nothingness you go through daily. Dagger has no allegiance, no affiliation, and no ties to carriers, vendors, advertisers or telecom marketers of any kind. As a result, our advice is both untethered and unbiased. You can see from my CV/resume my track record and years of experience. The Dagger Guild is my dream built upon the belief that together, we will create the next generation of heroes.
29 10, 2020

The Google Antitrust, Who Will Come Out the Winner? What Do the Trends & History Predict?


I think we can predict this! It takes understanding certain principles then correlating the information to see how likely something will occur. To gain this understanding, I want to talk about several principles with the first one that has really helped me view how things really work in life.  This is the first principle! A number of years ago, I was a relator of a False Claims Act (FCA), or most of you would understand as a Whistleblower for our government. Through this process of working with my attorney’s over the next two years, they would [...]

The Google Antitrust, Who Will Come Out the Winner? What Do the Trends & History Predict?2020-10-29T16:47:04-06:00
21 09, 2020

The Writing On the Wall….What Do You See?


Most people love to read Dilbert. It invites us to laugh about other employees and how they see themselves as well as what they say. Same goes for the show, “The Office" where we find lots to laugh about because we also see the same hysterical drama within where we work. Now with the Pandemic, where most have been required to work from home, many are loving it. In many cases, a company’s employees have been more productive at home versus at the office. Could it be because there are less distractions, less drama, less negative feedback, [...]

The Writing On the Wall….What Do You See?2020-09-23T16:12:51-06:00
27 05, 2020

Hear About the Latest Hopeful Positive Trend


As you read the following, as well as the many other sources of reading, listening and watching,  I encourage you to start to set aside the facts. This means when we are reading or listening to information being presented, that we probably will only need to gleam 5-10% from the source. We then put the facts together like a puzzle to see what the information is telling us. All while knowing that there will be things that come out of left field. The goal is to better mitigate when these X factors hit, e.g. coronavirus. Bankruptcies – [...]

Hear About the Latest Hopeful Positive Trend2020-05-28T12:04:30-06:00
19 03, 2020

2019 Trending Predictions & New 2020 Predictions


As I have considered my 2019 trending predictions, many of my readers might not think they are a big deal. In fact, since they do not specifically talk about new trends in technology, some might even blow them off. What I have tried to provide is a 10,000-foot level hoping each of you can see there is a bigger picture than what one might first have realized. In this blog, I will drill further into these areas to give a different perspective. All of my 2019 Predictions Came True.  Again, since the beginning of time, there have [...]

2019 Trending Predictions & New 2020 Predictions2020-03-19T13:11:25-06:00
20 11, 2019

Once a Trusted Source, No Longer!! Vendor Contracts Part 4


I am going to start out by saying the Carrier industry and specifically the Cellular Carrier industry, is in a sad situation. Who can  you trust? I share one of my stories below about my experience with BIG Blue. I was hired by a customer to review their BIG Blue cellular carrier billing for ways to reduce cost.  Through this process, I discovered some feature plans that were and were not getting discounts. As any of you would do, you go back to the carrier rep and let them know that these features should be getting discounts. [...]

Once a Trusted Source, No Longer!! Vendor Contracts Part 42019-11-21T13:37:26-06:00