Benchmarking / Competitive Pricing – Can You Afford to Not Review?

Can you afford to be paying 15%, 20% or even 35% more month after month? You might be saying, “this is the other person, not me”. Yet, how do you know you are not leaving money on the table unless you have verified what you are paying is competitively priced and optimized for today? The key word being today.

Due to technology and other advancements, pricing has continued to plummet every year for all kinds of services. Therefore, management desires to know if what they are paying is where it should be. So then, why do I see company after company with old pricing and services not being optimized? This is not a small percentage either. I would say that in about 95% of all reviews I perform, money is left on the table. Again, we have to ask ourselves “why”?

I believe the answer resides somewhere within my discussions with companies and people like you.

I see several key variables consistently; time and cost. The first variable is something I call “scarcity of time”. Each of you supporting your companies are pulled in so many directions that finding the time to accomplish any extra task is a struggle. Let alone needing to make the time to learn necessary tools to have a better understanding of the billing process, finding industry pricing, or simply being able to sift through what a sales representative states being able to discern what is truth.  All of these deal with time.

The second variable is “cost to perform this work”. These costs could come from needing certain tools to getting your hands around the services to using a “Benchmarking” type of service, to hiring outside resources to efficiently get the task done. You must be thinking, “There has to be an easier way”.

Dagger Guild’s purpose is to find better, faster and less expensive ways for you to accomplish corporate goals.

For example, the term “Benchmarking” is a thing of the past. It is “Old School”. Benchmarking has been made difficult by the carriers to obtain information on other companies of like size. It has become costly.  Some companies are paying upwards of $30,000+ for benchmarking information and even leaving money on the table when it is all said and done! Ouch! This flawed costly path can be avoided, trust me when I say, that there are other less expensive yet more effective ways to accomplish this success.

So why is this term used by these in “C” level positions to those in procurement/purchasing, and others? This is the only term everyone is familiar with to determine if their rates are truly competitive. In actuality, company management is wanting to determine if rates are competitive or optimized or known to be in line with what others are paying at this point in time.

As I said, things will continue to change. This is true in how to determine if you are receiving competitive pricing as well.

To determine where your pricing falls or to see if you are operating at an optimized level, is not difficult, time consuming or expensive. In knowing that pricing continues to fall, and that processes and tools are changing how quickly we can accomplish things, I believe a review of the services pricing should take place every ten (10) to fourteen (14) months. If you do not review, then you are most likely in the 95 percentile of paying too MUCH!  

The question that should be asked – “are there new and better ways to accomplish this end goal?” The answer is absolutely YES!

In fact, it is not rocket science. It has been developed to shorten your time and cost to know if you should move forward or not with obtaining better pricing. I have used this approach for several years to accomplish better results than other well-known industry “experts” for all size of companies.

Dagger Guild is here to partner with you in a new and different way to accomplish what is requested of you.  

Please understand that you do not need to be paying tens of thousands or even thousands of dollars, to ascertain if your services are in line or if the time has come to negotiate better deals with your carriers and vendors. We can help you to learn how to be fiscally responsible at accomplishing the necessary goal(s) so that management will see this as being proactive.  

That’s The Point!

Below are benchmarks for you to use for the services shown.  

MEM Services (includes Cost Allocation)                                                $1.00 to $2.25 per device

Cellular Optimization Savings                                                                        20% to 40% Savings

Cellular Data Only per GB                                                                                $7.00 to $10.00

1FB/Local Landline Trunking                                                                          25% to 50% Savings

SD-WAN                                                                                                                     Increased Speed

                                                                                                                                          40% to 60% Savings

Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI)

*Reduce Footprint                                                                                               10% Savings

*Reduce Power Consumption                                                                       90% Savings

*Increase Data Center Performance                                                        50% Less Than Cloud

Most people would say, “Cash is King”, yet in this case, “Knowledge is King”.

If you want to know more about Benchmarking, Competitive Pricing, or Optimization or if you are a seeking any other information we could be helpful with, please contact us using this form ( – and if you prefer email click here. We look forward to hearing from you!

That’s The Point!

Larry Treas

Guild Master


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