What Do You Know About Vendor Contracts? – Part 1

By |April 19th, 2019|Dagger Points|

Vendor contracts, in many ways, are necessary evils. While they often seem filled with random and meaningless jargon about Acts of God, Arbitration, Indemnification, Breach of Covenants, Limitation of Liabilities, Boilerplate Provisions, Severability, and such, the endless jargon creates powerful tools and protections for customers and vendors, alike, when problems arise.

Service Outage Kills Productivity

By |September 28th, 2018|Dagger Points|

Webster’s defines an ‘interruption’ as a break in the continuity. Well, my business, continuity and productivity was most definitely ‘interrupted’ when my carrier service stopped (again). See previous blog. Tuesday September 25th, 2018 around 10:00am, [...]