20 11, 2019

Once a Trusted Source, No Longer!! Vendor Contracts Part 4


I am going to start out by saying the Carrier industry and specifically the Cellular Carrier industry, is in a sad situation. Who can  you trust? I share one of my stories below about my experience with BIG Blue. I was hired by a customer to review their BIG Blue cellular carrier billing for ways to reduce cost.  Through this process, I discovered some feature plans that were and were not getting discounts. As any of you would do, you go back to the carrier rep and let them know that these features should be getting discounts. [...]

Once a Trusted Source, No Longer!! Vendor Contracts Part 42019-11-21T13:37:26-06:00
30 08, 2019

Trending Predictions For 2019 Followup


Earlier this year, I was approached by LinkedIn to write about what I believed were the trends that I saw happening around us.  As I was writing and correlating information for my  Trends update blog and for those following me on LinkedIn, it came to me that we are in a different time or era in the life of what we call a big company, how we once viewed them and how we need to view them is changing.  These companies, in many ways, can accomplish things that smaller companies cannot because of their cash on hand, amount of [...]

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19 04, 2019

What Do You Know About Vendor Contracts? – Part 1


Vendor contracts, in many ways, are necessary evils. While they often seem filled with random and meaningless jargon about Acts of God, Arbitration, Indemnification, Breach of Covenants, Limitation of Liabilities, Boilerplate Provisions, Severability, and such, the endless jargon creates powerful tools and protections for customers and vendors, alike, when problems arise.

What Do You Know About Vendor Contracts? – Part 12019-08-28T09:07:46-06:00