27 05, 2020

Hear About the Latest Hopeful Positive Trend


As you read the following, as well as the many other sources of reading, listening and watching,  I encourage you to start to set aside the facts. This means when we are reading or listening to information being presented, that we probably will only need to gleam 5-10% from the source. We then put the facts together like a puzzle to see what the information is telling us. All while knowing that there will be things that come out of left field. The goal is to better mitigate when these X factors hit, e.g. coronavirus. Bankruptcies – [...]

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19 03, 2020

2019 Trending Predictions & New 2020 Predictions


As I have considered my 2019 trending predictions, many of my readers might not think they are a big deal. In fact, since they do not specifically talk about new trends in technology, some might even blow them off. What I have tried to provide is a 10,000-foot level hoping each of you can see there is a bigger picture than what one might first have realized. In this blog, I will drill further into these areas to give a different perspective. All of my 2019 Predictions Came True.  Again, since the beginning of time, there have [...]

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30 08, 2019

Trending Predictions For 2019 Followup


Earlier this year, I was approached by LinkedIn to write about what I believed were the trends that I saw happening around us.  As I was writing and correlating information for my  Trends update blog and for those following me on LinkedIn, it came to me that we are in a different time or era in the life of what we call a big company, how we once viewed them and how we need to view them is changing.  These companies, in many ways, can accomplish things that smaller companies cannot because of their cash on hand, amount of [...]

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