‘Come Together—Right Now’

I saw ‘A Star Is Born’ yesterday. Really good flick if you are a music fan (Gaga is amazing). However, I was equally struck by the theater ads prior to the feature which had an Abbey Road Beatle’s tune-‘Come Together’. It is simply amazing that the song remains relevant after half a century. Every bit as poignant now as the day it was penned.  

As a telecom fanatic, my favorite thing about the tune is the ‘rotary phone’ sound they managed to recreate in the studio with a series of drum beats and bass riffs. The old rotary phones (for those reading this too young to know) were designed to dial the desired numbers with your index finger and, after each digit was dialed, recoil back to the start making a highly distinctive sound.

Why call attention to this?

I was struck by the need to be relevant in today’s telecom world. But, how can industry executives remain on top of their individual corporate games without knowing what is actually happening daily to those who are in the trenches——you!

One basic method for attaining ‘relevance’ is by hearing and understanding what is transpiring every single day in our business from those IN IT! There are problems, changes and technological advances occurring constantly. Make no mistake, there is a ‘people pulse’ in telecom.  

Dagger Guild ‘communication community’ is your forum to feel and experience that pulse.

We have created a community that is a living, breathing entity built upon telecom professionals exchanging all that is telecom. It truly is the one safe and open place for us all to congregate, talk, solve, question, relate and prosper.

A star truly is born and it has arrived in the form of Dagger Guild Community.

It is time for us all to ‘Come Together-Right Now’! Discover your voice and you will find telecom relevance.

That’s The Point!

Larry Treas

Guild Master


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