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Course: Return-on-Investment (ROI): Where heroes are made

This course provides the foundation to help you grow in a way that allows both you and your company to rise above others.

We will present case studies representative of current and on-going telecom issues which are encountered EVERYDAY!  Hereafter, and for the sake of this descriptive, we will refer to these as ‘common industry illnesses’. Left unattended, these will debilitate and harm your company’s efficiencies both in actual communication activity and cost. Dagger cures these afflictions—period! The included case studies provide all the proof that you will require. But now comes the “R-O-You” effect and the reason you must take this course.

We are aware that every day your world revolves around how well you provide ROI in your job. Those who disregard this fact could risk could finding themselves in corporate peril! However, those who abide this guidance will experience a rise in their personal stock.

Dagger will provide you with the information needed to ensure that every aspect of ROI receives a thorough examination. By utilizing and mastering our proven techniques you will become an expert in ROI recognition and production.

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Areas of Topic Covered:

  • General Considerations
  • What is needed to get approval
  • Who are the stockholders
  • What services will be affected
  • What will the company accept
    • 100% Hard Dollar
    • 100% Soft Dollar
    • Save Both
  • How many months are considered to be a good ROI
  • Formulas to use to prove the ROI
  • What assumptions (variables) need to be considered
  • What is your own personal ROI
  • Working with management
  • Finding a Champion

Worried about scheduling conflicts? We’ve got it covered.

We understand and appreciate scheduling conflicts. Being too busy is part of the problem we’re here to help you solve. Our courses are all recorded and available for you to watch and review. As always we encourage and recommend the group participation, because that’s where the magic happens.

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