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That’s The Point

My name is Larry Treas and I am CEO and Head of New Thinking. I created Dagger to help you become a hero, and the Dagger Guild community is where everything begins. You are the reason the Dagger Guild exists! This is a Dagger, because it’s time someone cuts through the BS, the double-talk, and the red tape. That’s the point.

I have 35 years of witnessing the madness that blows through companies around the world, and it’s foul. That is, until now! Steve McQueen, an American Acting Icon and the ‘inventor of HIP’ spoke the following words in The Magnificent 7 —“you either bend with the breeze or you break with it.” Welcome to the new breeze; welcome to the Dagger Guild.

I created the Dagger Guild to forge peer discussions, collaboration sessions, and specific information pipeline deliverables to address, solve and alleviate the standard issue of nothingness you go through daily. Dagger has allegiance to your success through our community, intel, training and things you may need to ensure that success. We also have no affiliation or preferential treatment with vendors or advertisers. As a result, the advice you obtain from the community and our guild masters will give you multiple perspectives and broaden your own asset base.

You can see from my CV/Resume that I have a track record of success with years of experience. However, at Dagger, we do not dwell in the past. It is the energy of TODAY and TOMORROW that ignites my passion and drives Dagger forward! The Dagger Guild is my dream, but it’s built upon the belief that it is not about me. Together, we can forge the next generation of heroes: men and women of strong character and ability, who deserve the greatness that comes!


Larry Treas – CEO/Founder/Guild Master

Barry Zweibel – MCC-Master Certified Coach

Shan Pesaru – Technology Advisor

Maxine Waterman – VP of Social Media

James Johnson – Accounting and Finance

Mark Robertson – Chief Legal Counsel

Maxine Waterman – Operations & Administration

Jon Treas – Career Development Coordinator