Areas of Service

Shown below are not all inclusive of areas we perform work. Our goal through the assistance we provide is to use our core principles of “Collaboration, Mentoring, Coaching, Training” all for the purpose of increasing your knowledge so that you become more valuable to your organization and elevate your career.

Terms that have been used to describe Dagger Guild offerings:

➢ Business Consulting

  • A professional who provides professional or expert advice in a particular field, has wide knowledge of the subject matter and has deeper levels of expertise than is feasible to retain in-house

➢ Business Integrators

  • A person with the goal of synchronizing technology and business objectives (strategy, goals). This is a reflection of how technology is being absorbed as a function of business

➢ Analyst Services

  • A person who reviews and examines data and is skilled in analysis

➢ Business Analyst

  • Examines needs of business and determines where potential problems and opportunities lie

➢ Industry Analyst

  • Performs market research and identifies trends in business

➢ Systems Analyst

  • Analyzes technical design & functional design for software development

➢  Data Analytics

  • The process of examining data sets in order to draw conclusions about the information they contain
  • Refers to qualitative and quantitative techniques & processes used to enhance productivity & business gain. Data is analyzed for behavioral data and patterns

➢  Strategic Services

  • Optimization of post-sales that a company provides by synchronizing services, resources, partners and services pricing

➢ Benchmarking

  • Evaluation of services, products, policies, program pricing against a standard

➢ Best Practice

  • Procedure prescribed as being correct or most effective in providing optimal results and proposed as a standard suitable for widespread adoption

➢ Health Check

  • Examination carried out to verify financial savings opportunity as it relates to hardware, software, security, and services provided

➢ Value Add Offerings:

▪  Review

▪  Analysis

▪  Design

▪  Optimization

▪  Contract Negotiation, Management

▪  Oversee Implementation

In the areas of:

➢ Wireless (Wireless, Cellular, Mobility) Areas

▪ Cellular

  • Mobile Expense Management (MEM)

Processes used to manage cost of mobile communications, assisted by people and specialized software

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)

– ​A type of security software used to monitor, manage and secure employees’ mobile devices that are deployed

  • Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

People, processes & technology focused on managing mobile devices, wireless networks and other mobile computing services in a business context

▪  IoT (Internet of things)

▪  Bluetooth

▪  Satellite

▪  Point-to-Point

▪  In-Building Wireless (IBW)

➢ Landline (local, long distance, Wide Area Network, Internet, Fiber)

▪  POT’s

▪  SIP

▪  T-1

▪  PRI

▪  Data Circuits (Wide Area, Internet)

▪  Cloud Services

▪  Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

● The management of wireline & wireless assets and expenses

➢ IT Services
▪ Health Check

Examination carried out to verify financial savings opportunities as it relates to hardware, software, security, and services provided

▪  Technology Refresh Plan

▪  Review of:

Contracts, billing, how being used, which includes systems, servers, apps, software, data storage, network security, data center(s), back-up circuits, continuity, etc​.