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Learn What the Experts Know and Carriers are not Telling You “About Reducing Mobility Expenses by 20%-40%” 

A Consultant’s Playbook Made Easy

Updated – September 2021

No one has shared the detail Dagger Guild LLC is sharing. These secrets are worth 10’s of thousands of dollars per year to the enterprise with 100 devices and 100’s of thousands of dollars per year to the enterprise with 500+ devices. Dagger Guild has achieved these results time and again!

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Reducing Mobility Expenses by 20%-40% Made Easy, A Consultant’s Playbook

As this document was being written, peers urged Dagger Guild not to give away our secrets that we worked hard to obtain over many years on how to reduce mobility expenses within the enterprise. This is just one way that Dagger Guild has always strived to be different from most firms. We desire to show the enterprise how to accomplish this yourself, if you so desire, and that this is not rocket science as some would want you to believe. 

It is about visibility, correct tools, and careful execution of best practices.  As a consulting firm, we work hard to enable enterprises to succeed with the ongoing task of managing mobility expenses. The information that follows is designed to be a practical guide of Dagger Guild best practices to reduce your enterprise mobility costs. These opportunities for savings are for the enterprises that have thousands of devices and for smaller organizations, as well as those that operate in a BYOD environment.  

The “insider information” provided in this document will clearly explain steps that your enterprise can take to achieve similar savings by following the step-by-step process that is defined within and using our Return-on-Investment (ROI) formulas with associated assumptions. Significant savings are not only possible, but likely, in terms of both hard and soft dollar costs. 

DG’s expertise has been used to review mobile billing for purposes of e.g., bill audit, contract negotiation, optimization of plans for cost reduction, etc.

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1.0 Enterprise Mobility Market Overview 1-5

  • Industry
  • CFO’s…..opportunity…Hero’s
  • Customer service
  • Data usage
  • Plan evolution
  • Signal coverage
  • The Truth

2.0 Observations of Existing Customers 6-7

  • Overview
  • Paying far more…
  • Visibility
  • The larger the number of devices…less visibility
  • The Tool
  • Knowledge of plans 

3.0 Custom Pricing – Unlimited Plan Offered by AT&T 8-11

  • Time sensitive information
  • Plan details
  • Up to $150 activation credits
  • Custom opportunity qualifications
  • Whom to contact
  • Return-on-Investment Formulas 

4.0 Mobility Rate Plans             12-19

  • Generally available
  • Cost differential …..three…$10 – $15 per month
  • Custom
  • Unlimited with a credit 
  • International Long Distance (ILD)
  • International Roaming
  • Prepaid plans
  • Return-on-Investment Formulas 

5.0 Contract Negotiation 20-23

  • Background
  • Billing review…less and less important
  • How Useful is Negotiation?
  • What to expect going forward
  • Cost Savings Opportunities

6.0 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) 24-31

  • Overview
  • What is an equitable stipend?
  • Reasons to implement/keep BYOD
  • $100,000 to $600,000
  • Reasons to move from BYOD to corporate owned
  • Return-on-Investment Formulas

7.0 Carrier Partners 32-36

  • Overview
  • Reasons to contact a Solutions Provider (SP)
  • Benefits of using carrier partners
  • Return-on-Investment Formulas 

8.0 Specialty Tools 37-53

  • In General
  • Needed Mobility Tools
  • SmartSheet
  • Mobile Expense Management (MEM)
  • Mobility Central by Visage Mobile
  • Return-on-Investment Formulas 

9.0 Expert Assistance Considerations 54-57

  • MEM vendor vertical markets
  • Vendors providing MEM
  • Services being provided
  • All MEM vendors are not the same
  • Discernment questions


  • Definition of Best Practices
  • Overview
  • Step-by-Step
  • Savings with Confidence

Appendix 63-66                                        

  • Typical Differences between a Carrier Rep and Solutions Provider
  • 24-Month Cost Breakdown
  • 30-Month Cost Breakdown using a Solutions Provider
  • AT&T Multiline Day Pass Rates


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