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Course: Mobility Visibility & Insight Auditing

Until now, no one has been willing to give you the approach and methods for performing your own audit. My perspective is that no one wants you to be in control of your own destiny more than Dagger. What we will show you is not rocket science, but rather Dagger putting all the pieces together in a step-by-step process assisting your expert transformation. THAT’S THE POINT!

It is just smart business to perform your own internal audit. This will enlighten support staff as well as management. In the end, it will reduce both your workload and level of stress, while showing you areas in which costs can be reduced immediately.

You’ll learn the following:

  • What information is required from the carriers?
  • Which information is critical for your review?

Industry standard audit time is 60 days or less. Our process is infinitely faster and more efficient than virtually every outside source on the market. The above results in a classic win-win. Your victory comes from increased audit knowledge, while your company’s, from the benefit of discovering the undiscovered billing errors rampant in most vertical markets.

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Areas of Topic Covered:

  • What you need from the carrier
  • Industry Leading Software Tools
  • Mission-Critical Data Reporting
  • Comparative Spending Analytics
  • Report Configurations
  • Billing Errors & Resulting Expense & Cash Flow Reductions
  • Savings Opportunities
  • The ROI

Worried about scheduling conflicts? We’ve got it covered.

We understand and appreciate scheduling conflicts. Being too busy is part of the problem we’re here to help you solve. Our courses are all recorded and available for you to watch and review. As always we encourage and recommend the group participation, because that’s where the magic happens.

There is a 5 business-day window for completion of final course tests for certification. We will do our best to accommodate any course requests and never hesitate to contact us with questions at

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Larry and the Dagger crew