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Course: Month-over-Month Visibility & Trends Management

Now is the time for a change — the old way of doing things no longer applies and does not work! These antiquated processes are both costly and frustrating! No one is really listening to you because there is no time to do so. What you need is greater visibility into what is taking place RIGHT NOW! This insight requires total and complete automation. Dagger designed this to enhance seamless workflow with notifications for any unanticipated changes.

In reality, the old way of doing things is the wrong way. The question is, why aren’t more companies doing things differently? No one wants you to know there is a better way. Most companies can cut hard and soft dollar costs substantially by taking advantage of Dagger methodologies and know-how. The potential savings are enormous. We have uncovered and realized as much as 50% cost reductions. The best part is that Dagger can arm you with these career springboard techniques.

This course will help you hone your time-reduction skills for monitoring costs, usage identification, billing errors, trend analysis, and general wireless device management. Dagger will also introduce you to software with features best suited to maximize company processes.

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Areas of Topic Covered:

  • Vital Carrier Information
  • Software Tools
  • Mission-Critical Data Reporting
  • Report Configurations
  • Auto Pilot Creation & Activation
  • Trend Analysis
  • Billing Errors & Resulting Expense & Cash Flow Reductions
  • The ROI

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