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Course: When and How to Negotiate Your Carrier Contracts

Carriers are created to make a profit. Their goal is to give your company as little as possible to motivate you to sign the agreement. However, your company’s goal is to get the best return for the amount of the billing. In essence, you want to be certain that your carrier agreements are as fair and accurately billed as is possible — period. Yet with contracts only being re-negotiated once every 2+ years, this is a difficult and daunting task to accomplish.

We will teach you mission-critical information imperative for your review process. In addition, Dagger continually provides current industry updates which will benefit you with rate-trend analysis and the negotiations thereto.

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Areas of Topic Covered:

  • What You Need from the Carrier
  • Industry Leading Software Tools
  • What to Look For in Negotiation
  • Reading your Carrier’s Contract
  • When to Start the Process
  • Communications with the Carrier
  • Legal Terms in the Contract
  • Business Terms in the Contract
  • Reviewing the Proposed Contract
  • Savings Opportunities
  • The ROI

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