Trending Predictions For 2019 from Larry Treas of the Dagger Guild

Large companies will get Bigger or Perceived Bigger through Teaming

Companies are buying companies or merging with other companies and teaming to increase their market share. The following are some of the more recent.

We will see more companies have financial issues

Sure there will be news stating all is good, yet many of these of companies  will not be able to turn this downhill movement around. In a sense, it is like a ship taking in water while the pumps are pumping water out; however, the water coming in is greater than what can be pumped out.

Some companies that have already been taking in water are: Payless Shoes, Penny’s; General Electric (GE) (is burning through their cash at a phenomenal rate); Sprint; and many others.

Apple will continue to grow in a number of different areas

One such area is the Medical Field. Today they have the Apple Watch that is useful for Fall Detection and has an Electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) capability.

Wow! What a way to give others peace of mind, save lives and be made aware of health issues before it is too late.

I can see a number of uses by families and possibly employers.  

It will be more difficult to know what is reality

We expect to see some of this within politics, yet there have been some journalist adjusting their stories to make them sound better.

Then you have AT&T sending descriptions across cell phones telling the user that they are on 5G when they are not.

This is particularly sad that fewer and fewer companies are informing us of what is real and what is not.

Most would say, this is just business and the way things have worked for years and I am not disagreeing.

The key is to see the trends of what is occurring around us.

  • Companies will continue to get Bigger. The normal result initially is lower cost to customers with the end result being higher cost and poor customer service.
  • Don’t be surprised when you hear of another big company having financial problems. Most of these issues are kept from getting outside a company because of the many other issues it would cause within the economy.
  • Apple is on target for tremendous growth in the medical arena that will help all of us in some way with family members that have health issues.
  • It saddens me that we are having a harder and harder time finding information that is not on the outer fringes of being accurate. We will have to search harder to find what is not hype. This vetting takes lots more time when buying products or services.



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